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Reputed and well known brand

Gear is a reputable brand under Lakshmi steels that provides all types of Spring Washer to its customers. We also have a wide range of Spring Washer types that can be used in a variety of applications. We have highly qualified professional teams that will guide the entire workforce throughout the manufacturing process. Our expert team is specially trained professionals who have knowledge of manufacturing standard quality Spring Washer. Our company also manufactures Spring Washer in customized dimensions to meet the specific needs of clients at a reasonable price.

We follow the standard procedure, which is a guide by professional experts, and perform all types of destructive and non-destructive tests. Each test is intensively performed to ensure the quality, dimensions, and overall mechanical characteristics of the product. We produce Stainless Steel Spring Washer from high-quality grade raw materials that are delivered by our reliable vendors in the shortest time possible to meet client demands on time.

A+ Production with quality Product

Gear is a one of leading manufacture of superior quality washers. We manufacture around 400,000,000 Washers annually among Which many of these are of standard parts. But the proportion of unique dimensions is
increasing year after year.

We are well prepared and positioned accordingly having 15,000 square meters of build area.